Baka Chal
LYM 2002-2006
Desdemona Desdemona

Desdemona is an Othello/Reversi player for Acorn-compatible computers.


Play takes place between two human players or against the computer. There are several levels of computer opponent, ranging from very simple to pretty smart. There is also a high score table, and a Replay function to allow moves to be undone or games restarted from different points. The application takes up around 300K of space, and runs on RISC OS 3.1 or later. A 256-colour or better display is recommended.


Main Playing window


Desdemona is Freeware. If you find it useful, please get in touch to show your appreciation. We cannot guarantee to be able to respond to all support inquiries, but if you report bugs or suggest features we will try our best to address them.


[*] Download:
Desdemona v2.07

This program is stored as a Zip file. You will need a de-archiver, such as Sparkplug, to use it. Once decompressed, users of RISC OS computers should be able to run it as normal.

Desdemona uses the PlayIt module to generate sound effects, and requires this to be present on your system before it will run. You can download it here. Follow the instructions for installation; as long as PlayIt has been seen by the filer before Desdemona is run, all should be well.