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A selection of links to desktop games and leisure titles for Acorn-compatible machines, and general Acorn-related sites.


The best place to look for RISC OS software on the web is in the various filebases, such as the ANS Filebase, RISCOS.org, or Nutshells since they will often have the most up-to-date links. Nonetheless, here are some great titles you may wish to try out. If any of these links are broken, please report them, and suggestions for additions are welcome.

Chess II - Excellent RISC OS chess player by David Pilling
NetChess - Play Chess over the Internet
Solitaire - Great version of the original solitaire game by Brain Games
Shanghai - Nice version of the popular tile game by Paul Vigay
Shanghai - Another Chinese tile game by David Chapman
Noughts and Crosses - Fully featured player by Chris Bazley
Poker Patience - Card game by Jonathan Rawles
Tiles - Word game from Brain Games
CrossStar - Crossword solver by David Pilling


There are lots of RISC OS and Acorn sites around. Here are some of the most useful:

The Iconbar - Great news and forums for RISC OS (and hosts of this site)
Drobe - Regularly updated news for the RISC OS community
RISCOS.org - Introduction to RISC OS, and hundreds of links to follow
Virtual Acorn - Emulator program to enable PCs to run RISC OS software.
RISC OS Info - A RISC OS Wiki with a growing number of articles, many particularly of use to programmers.